Cari lettori, come vi avevo promesso sto cercando di esportare la campagna anche all’estero. E’ chiaro che in altri Paesi, problemi come i nostri non sussistono, ma posso assicurarvi che la crisi li sta comunque toccando da vicino. Paesi come Francia, Spagna, Grecia vedono i giovani sempre più preoccupati e alla ricerca di risposte concrete. Questa signora belga, affronta il problema parlando di umanità. Mai parola è stata così adatta come in questo momento. Buona lettura! 

Alessia Bottone

Kina? Perche? Why? Pourquoi? Why? That’s a good question… Why to come here, to stay and live here? Why feeling happier here? Why to live? After I fell into depression because of family situations and the loss of a 30-year-long job, I had to recover my soul. I came here (to Nepal) the 1st time during 10 days only, last year, and felt so good in this nice country, with these kind people, full of solidarity, smiles and simplicity. Now I can say that I lived more than 10 months here in Nepal. No big questions about life, no material things, just living day by day and enjoying what life gives me. I felt quickly that behind all those “Namaste”, behind those smiley faces and insistent regard, all this solidarity, there was such a struggle, such a suffering…and they still continue to smile…! Do you see that in Western countries? No, or maybe sometimes only…it can be…! What is a smile, just a simply smile? What is a frankly lightly look?  What’s a “hello’? Why are people selfish, materialistic, individualistic, so unhappy, so critical, just looking for themselves, always running after something? Is it so difficult to accept just what happens; just what life gives you… Who taught people to be like this? Religion, money, technology, power ,….? Actually, there is a crisis in all European countries, but where is solidarity and helpfulness? What are politicians doing? Just seeing what’s good and powerful to them…they are just an image of themselves and try to have the best one…only in words, but not in acts for the people, for their own country!!! In fact, they don’t care about people, too small for them?! They just have nice words; try to have nice faces, but an empty heart, an empty and poor inner self! Why is it like this??? For me, all people are equal, and when you see a naked person, is she white, yellow, red, brown, or black…it’s just equal! And there you can see the difference, no clothes, no money, no power, just what you have in yourselves, just what you can give from your inner side…and that’s the most important. Lets talk about work…the working environment in European countries…Sure we can find some jobs where the ambiance is good, where bosses want to make something with their employees, where job means “team” and not “boss” and “employees”…But most of the time, the working environment is very bad!  Why they have so little gratitude for who is working for them, so little humanity? You know, bosses without employees and workers, bosses without “little hands” they are just NOTHING!!!! No power hai!!! Why is it so difficult to live together, is it at work or in private life? Why people all around the world don’t want just to be in peace, in peace with themselves and with others? There is no better religion in the world, there is no best country, there are no best people! We all have good and bad sides, religions or philosophy have good and bad teachings; countries have nice and bad things… If tomorrow never came, what would you like to do or to say? To be in peace, to feel in peace, or to fight, still? Would you say: “what I did in my life was good for others, or bad, or just good to me?” So just come to Nepal (and I guess it’s the same in some others countries as well), and live your life, simply, with no comfort, with less material things, but with so much solidarity, love, warmth and simplicity… Here I found good and best friends; here I found a new family, even if I’m a foreigner. But a foreigner, I don’t feel like this, never…I’m just a human being, smiling, eating, enjoying what life gives me, loving, giving and receiving. n front of nature, technology, money, power, are nothing. When there is an earthquake, or a flood, or an avalanche…! So why to make mountains from a little heap? Politicians should be more human and more close to their people, listening to their needs…There are so many needs!!!! And no answer from them! Bosses should be more close also to their workers, and don’t give them so much stress and so less money. People should be close to each other, just being brothers, just being themselves, in peace, in solidarity, in love, just giving and receiving…without differences of anything…But why is it just a dream? Is it? Lets each of us work on it to be real…!I choose specially this picture where I give you my true and simple smile, just to say you all “keep smiling” even though behind a smile there is suffering, poorness and daily struggle. A smile is free, and gives you so much… it can be the one you receive or the one you give…And you will never be poorer from it! Nobody can take it away…never!



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